Welcome to the Flower Niche

Welcome to our new Flower Niche Blog.  I recently decided to switch platforms to WordPress which means I will be starting over with my blog and website.  I was having trouble with Wix and am giving this a shot.  I will have my products available for sale on this site as soon as I am done making the switch.  I will probably move some of my older blog posts over but this will be my introduction to this new site.

Let me Introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what I do, and what this site will be about.   I am Ben’s mom,  he is 3 and he is the most articulate, curious, clever, and sweetest little guy. He is a complete joy to be around, and he brightens my world.  I am single, mostly by choice but also by circumstance, maybe someday I will get into that more.  I’ve been gardening for about 20 years professionally,  I do mostly residential projects and have really found myself doing a lot Flower beds and Container plantings.  I have explored many different aspects of growing from Commercial greenhouse, which was one of my first jobs as a teenager, to Small scale organic farming.  My yard is currently a science experiment in creating a food oasis in a small urban yard.  We live in Glendale , which is a west side neighborhood of Salt Lake City, UT.  I bought the house just a few days after I brought Ben home from the hospital.

In between gardening seasons I have picked up temporary Accounting jobs, and I currently work full time as an AP clerk for a company in Downtown Salt Lake.  I hope someday to be able to go back to doing gardening and design as my main job.  I’m entertaining the idea of going back to school for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and getting out of Accounting for good, unless I need it to run my own business.  I’m not inspired by sitting in a cubicle all day, go figure.  Right now, I have scheduled one day a week for working on clients gardens.  It’s difficult to keep up with the demand so my friend Liberty comes to help sometimes too.  We have fun, and we make things pretty.

In addition to my regular office job and part time Gardening business, I also make natural products for personal use, gifts for friends, and some for sale.  I have three small shops that sell my items, I will have their information up with the new website.  I like making products with high quality ingredients.  I used to take my goods to flea markets, festivals, and farmers markets, but that became very tiresome to me and never really paid off, and it took too much time away from Ben outside of my regular jobs so I decided to cut it out.  I know there is a lot that I can do to improve my sales, but for now I have scaled back to basically just making things on demand for the shops and fulfilling sales online and to friends.  I’m Ok with that aspect of my business growing slow, as I do it more for a hobby than anything, but I do like to share and it’s really fun when I do get an order in.  Still, after 3+ years of selling my products, I get excited when I get an order or when someone really likes my stuff.  There is something so satisfying about making something that someone can use and enjoy.

I started making my own body care products around the time that I tried to start a small scale Organic Farm.  I became obsessed with using all natural products on my body, growing as much food as possible, and detoxing my home, and creating less waste.  It honestly has been a learning process and has completely evolved over time.  I’ve come a long way and some of the habits have become routine, so much that I forget that I live quite a bit differently than most people.  Being a mom is sometimes overwhelming along with all the other compartments of my life. So, I strive to make things easy, and I have simplified it so that it works for my life.  This blog will be a platform for me to discuss my natural living path, and motherhood, and be a creative outlet for my projects, gardens, and whatever else catches my interest.  Lately I’ve been working on minimizing my possessions and trying to slow down my pace to spend more time just being Ben’s mom.  One of my favorite podcasts is the Minimalists, they have inspired me to really examine why I have the things that I do, and why do I do the things that I do.  I can say that it has become quite a bit easier to keep my house in livable condition now that we have a bit less stuff.  More on that in another post.

So this blog will be about single parenting, urban gardening, flower gardening, natural living, Design, DIY, a bit of minimalism, some traveling, cooking,  kid stuff, and whatever the hell else pops into my head.

Thanks for reading,



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