Hops for shade

This hops bine was planted here 3 years ago. It crawls up my shed and across to my carport via jute twine that i secured to the structures with eye hooks. I used a string that i can cut at the end of the season to make cutting the bines easy. It is such a... Continue Reading →


Clary Sage in June

I started this lovely plant from seed a couple of years ago.  Last year my garden focus was on herbs and medicinal plants.  This year I decided to add more flowers and perennials.   I found a lovely website called strictly medicinal.  I ordered a bunch of stuff from them and started seeds in a... Continue Reading →

Healthy Food That Nobody Likes

In an effort to improve my 3 year old sons diet, I decided to start the conversation with him about eating healthy foods and how important it is for our bodies.  He's having a lot of trouble understanding how sugar could possibly be bad for you because it tastes so good.  If it were up... Continue Reading →

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