Healthy Food That Nobody Likes

In an effort to improve my 3 year old sons diet, I decided to start the conversation with him about eating healthy foods and how important it is for our bodies.  He’s having a lot of trouble understanding how sugar could possibly be bad for you because it tastes so good.  If it were up to him he would survive on Slurpee’s and candy.  I’m not much of a sugar eater so I’m baffled by how much my son loves candy.  The problem is it’s everywhere for kids.  I tried to limit how much refined sugar, processed foods, candy etc, but he got a taste for it at school, and I got a little lax on the whole idea.  I give in to his requests for candy and treats and I feel guilty the whole time.

I thought I had come up with the most brilliant idea of creating recipes with him that he would enjoy and at the same time teach him basic cooking skills.  I thought we could be creative and have some fun with it.  I told him we could create our own recipe book for kids that had fun and nutritious and have great pictures of the food. So he said “Yeah, then we can call it ‘Healthy Foods that Nobody Likes”!2017207_112


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