Hops for shade

This hops bine was planted here 3 years ago. It crawls up my shed and across to my carport via jute twine that i secured to the structures with eye hooks. I used a string that i can cut at the end of the season to make cutting the bines easy. It is such a prolific and fast growing plant that it has quickly provided a wonderful filtered shade for my patio sitting area.  It also gives the space a lush green ambiance. The only downside to hops is that they are not a very friendly plant and will scratch you if you happen to run into them. So far this has caused very minimal problems, mainly while pruning and training it over the strings. 

Later I’ll be able to harvest the buds for homebrewing and infusions for soap and skincare. The buds are quite beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year’s crop produces.


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